Craig Zuckerman is the principal illustrator and manager of a widely used  illustration and animation studio focusing exclusively on healthcare/medical, handling all phases of projects including meetings with clients, developing initial strategies for the project, including storyboards, and follow through on completion and delivery of the final product. Although traditionally trained, Craig has been working digitally for over twenty  years. His software of choice is Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for print, and Cinema 4D and After Effects for animation.

My advertising clients have included MedicusNY, Grey Healthcare, Ogilvy/Commonhealth, Havas and Draft/FCB, among many others.

Some of my medical/legal clients have included Queller, Fischer, Dienst, Serrins, Washor, Kool, and Martin, Clearwater, and Bell

Should you be interested and seeing my animation samples, please feel free to email me or call my studio, 914-725-6004